Where have you been??


It's been a while since I've sat down and blogged.  "Where have you been?!" I hear you cry.  Well, the answer is....nowhere.  Unless the time-sucking vortex also known as my sofa counts?  Nick's been working away for the past 6 weeks, which means the weekends are a precious snatch of time together, leaving no room for blogging.  The end is in sight though, so I thought I'd sit down and give you an insight into how I've been passing the time.

YouTube | My 'Watch Later' playlist is 120+ strong.  Which means there's been a lot of time watching videos.  I've found myself skipping past Primark hauls and make up tutorials; it's been booktubers and vlogs which have caught my eye.  I've said it before, but I've been loving Sammi's daily vlogs.  She seems a little more relatable and real than lots of the other daily vloggers and I love watching the comings and goings of her everyday life.  Plus I just basically want her wardrobe.  And whilst I haven't been filming regularly at the moment, you can always subscribe to my YouTube channel if you fancy something to watch!

Reading | Ok, so this isn't exactly a new one, but with Nick away it allows me more time to be anti-social and read, guilt-free, in the evenings. Not to mention how pleasing it is to see my 'to be read' pile shrinking.  Ok, so I say "shrinking", let's just ignore the fact that I'm topping it up just as quickly!

Gardening | I never thought I'd be saying this, but I've actually been enjoying sprucing up the garden and buying new plants.  The back garden's pretty much a write-off, what with Dudley spending most of his time there, but our front garden was long overdue a spring clean as well.  Zara and I blitzed it the other weekend.....chopping, mowing, digging and planting.....and the result is a pretty little space that I'm actually pleased with.  Garden centres are my new favourite thing and I'm even enjoying my nightly routine of watering my new additions.  Forget make up and clothes - spending money on flowers is my new thang y'all....

Blogging | Browsing bloglovin from the comfort of my bed is another nightly favourite.  I find leaving comments via the app a pain, and feel bad for not interacting that way, but it's so much easier to catch up on my favourites without having to load up the laptop.  And speaking of blogs, I'm debating getting a new domain and changing my blog name.  The trouble that leaves is the issue of old, dead links referring back to my current url.  I've paid upfront for it until January, but don't fancy the idea of keeping up with two payments to keep it all going.  Does anybody else have experience of this?  Is there anyway to get around it without paying twice?!

And that's pretty much it!  It's Zara's 21st today so we're having a family bbq, my phone's due an upgrade as of tomorrow (do I go for the 6 or 6plus?!) and Nick's finally home for good on Friday.  Which leaves just 2 weeks and 4 days until the summer holidays.  Yup, life is good....


  1. Lovely to see a post from you! I have a thing for garden centres too! Xx

  2. Welcome back! I've fallen so in love with youtube lately I'm the same I have so many videos to catch up on.

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