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Despite going to uni there and shopping fairly regularly in Guildford, the castle is a place I've never been to.  To be honest, I didn't even know Guildford had a castle until recently!

Armed with a friend who had never visited Guildford before, we made it our mission to visit the castle.  With Guildford being the setting where Lewis Carroll wrote Through The Looking Glass, I was aware that there are two statues commemorating this claim to fame and I was keen to find one.  This slightly creepy sculpture of Alice climbing through the looking glass sits in the grounds facing the castle, and despite looking slightly like the girl from The Ring was actually a really peaceful setting with beautiful views.

Our discovery of the castle and its grounds acts as proof of one of the many reasons I love's a colourful haven literally backing on to the bustling town.  It manages to stay peaceful yet vibrant, and you'd never know that the main street sits just alongside.  And Alice in Wonderland aside, I'm a bit of a history buff and loved walking between the cobbled stone architecture.

I'm glad to have ticked this off my bucket list, and will be hunting down the second Alice statue next time I visit!

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  1. What a lovely castle, I would love to visit it.


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