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Oxford, I have fallen in love with you.  Some of you may remember that I visited back at Easter....due to the rain it was a fleeting visit, and we stayed at the opposite end to all of this architectural beauty.  So with blue skies aplenty, Nick and I headed to the city for a day of tourism together.

We started with a tour of the castle.  It cost around £10 and involved a guided tour, a walk up the 100+ steps to the top of St George's Tower and panoramic views of the city.  The tour lasted about an hour, and was a good way to start the day and get a whirlwind history of Oxford.

After refuelling for lunch I led us to Bodleian Library.  That end of Oxford is like a mini-London: musuem upon musuem, only less busy and with no queues.  We came upon the Musuem of The History of Science and dipped in to take a quick look before finding the breathtakingly beautiful library.  I know I'm a geek when it comes to books, but that place was stunning.  Even Nick had his camera out!  We had  other things on our itinerary so didn't stop for a tour.....but it's definitely up there with my reasons to go back!

We finished off with a wander up to Pitt Rivers and Oxford University Museum of Natural History.....I know it's not quite The Natural History museum, but seeing as I'm unlikely to get up to London anytime soon I'm ticking it off my to do list anyway!  It wasn't quite as spectacular as its London counterpart, but if you're interested in dinosaurs and fancy somewhere you can just walk into without queuing for hours I'd definitely recommend it.

It was only when we were on the bus to leave I realised we'd missed out Christchurch!  There's so much to do in tours, boat trips.....and with it only being an hour or so away I've no idea why I hadn't visited sooner.  Next sunny day I'm planning to go back with mum! 


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