What To Expect When You Start Blogging


There's a never-ending list of social media platforms to be linked | I underestimated the importance of having a visible presence across a multitude of platforms, and neglected to set myself up with twitter and bloglovin for quite a while.  GFC was in existence back then, but if you're a newbie blogger nowadays one of the first things you should do is make sure you've got bloglovin set up....and have it linked on your blog to make sure people can follow you easily.  The others will follow....Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook....and it's always nice to offer them something slightly different on each one.

You'll develop an unexpected interest in cameras.... | Cameras were never my thing, but suddenly I care about lenses, apertures, autofocus, manual mode.....who knew?!

...and you'll become obsessed with natural light |  6-8 months of the year you'll battle with dreary days, rainy skies and shadows creeping into your photographs.  No amount of editing will undo the damage, and you'll find yourself become more and more aware of 'good light'.

Autumn could well become your new favourite season | It seems to be the done thing on blogs.  I'd previously overlooked autumn, but it is *The* season to favour for colour palettes and fashion if you're a blogger.

Cringy backgrounds and low-quality photographs are a rite of passage | My first ever template was a pink, floral, shabby chic affair.....definitely not my style.  And when I think back to my attempts at outfit posts, lipstick swatches and nail varnish debuts (claw hand anyone?!) I shudder with embarrassment.  We've all been there!

There aren't as many freebies as you've been led to believe | At times blogging seems like the fast track to freebieville.  Unless you've made it big, chances are the freebie opportunities will be few and far between, and won't be with the big brands that you'd hope.  If you're only out for the blogger perks, it's probably not worth it. 

It's a hard community to crack | Blogging looks like an amazing community....and it is!  But if you're looking at the blogging big wigs....well, they've been at it for a long time, and the bigger they get the harder it seems for smaller blogs to get noticed.  There's a tight knit community of people who've been plugging away for a while, and it seems like those guys stick together.  Whilst it's often an open, supportive community, don't expect to infiltrate those 'bigger' groups without a lot of work.

Blogging takes more work than you'd think | In my personal experience, weekends are spent writing, taking photos and filming as weeknights after work are pretty much a wash out (see the above point on natural light).  I like to think I've got a better balance nowadays, but it can be easy to dive in headfirst and spend a lot of your spare time not just blogging, but networking on social media as well.

Barely used notebooks for blogging ideas will litter your house | For the stationery junkie, writing a blog is a green light to buy All Of The Notebooks.  I've lost track of how many there are lying about....one for YouTube, one (or three or four!) for blogging....and they've all only got the first few pages filled in.  I'm not alone, right?!

Bloggers are the ultimate enablers | Expect to spend a lot of money when you start blogging.  The latest contouring kit, the ultimate nude lipstick (for the hundredth time), foundation to make your skin glow, foundation to make your skin matte...the list of products you'll be convinced you need will get out of control.  And let's not mention the 'behind the scenes' things you start buying just because "it'll look good in blog photos".  Tread with caution and try not to let your spending habits run away with you!

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