9 Books To Buy


Life After You //  The true story of 37 year old Lucie's grief following her husband's unexpected death one night.  It sounds a bit like a chick-lit premise and I don't know whether I should be embarrassed to admit that the 'true story' part makes me interested to give this a go.  Morbid, but true.

The Children Act //  I really think that books will fit in with certain times in your life.  I saw this book months ago and wasn't interested.  At all.  Suddenly, the plot (a High Court Judge ruling on a case where a 17 year old boy refusing life saving treatment on religious grounds) really appeals to me and has made me desperate to read this.

The Liar's Chair //  Described as "a psychological portrait of a woman in a toxic marriage" I'm really excited to buy this.  I think there's a bit more to it than the classic 'wronged wife' perspective, so I'm looking forward to finally sitting down to read this.

The Chimes //  This book is big news on booktube thanks to being longlisted for the Manbooker Prize this year.  I'm in two minds about whether I truly want to read it; I've heard reviews which haven't been incredibly favourable, yet the idea of a dystopian world where people are unable to retain memories from day to day sounds compelling.

Leave Your Mark //  I love self help-y books, and am all for reinvention and bettering oneself.  Written by Aliza Licht (fashion's favourite PR girl apparently!), I've seen nothing but good reviews on this one.

Beyond The Pale //  Another book which sits very high on my 'need to read' list.  Emily Urquhart gave birth to a daughter with albinism and was inspired to research and compile all of the myths and folklore surrounding this condition in order to better understand it for her daughter.  I love anything mythological and can't wait to get my hands on it.

Symptoms Of Being Human //  This book isn't actually out until February 2016 but focuses on gender fluidity.  Riley identifies as both male and female, and is advised by a therapist to start an anonymous blog to vent.  However, not long after starting a new school, the blog goes viral and Riley's identity is compromised.  This sounds unlike anything I've ever read, and I'm glad to see more books tackling these sorts of socially important topics being published.

C.S. Lewis: A Life //  I love the Narnia series, and C.S. Lewis fascinates me.  However, I know very little about him.  I'm aware of the Christian themes that run throughout Narnia and still need to read The Narnia Code, so I'm eager to read this biography and learn more about what inspired Lewis to create Narnia and all it contains.

Asking For It //  Louise O'Neill's Only Ever Yours caused a bit of a storm online, and she's back in this book to tackle the question of sexual consent.  It centres on Emma, who goes to a party but wakes up on her own front porch with no recollection of how she got there - although other people know as photographs exist showing exactly what happened.  It's Young Adult, so I'm expecting it to be fairly quick to read, although from what I understand O'Neill's writing style can be brutal and disturbing.

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