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// I'm trying to lose a bit of weight and Lizzie's Slimming World-friendly carbonara recipe is the ultimate in guilt-free comfort food.  So quick and easy to make, it's almost become a weekly staple for us.

// If you're looking for a beautiful layout and dream-like photography, look no further than Hunters & Heels.  It's my newest subscription and follows Lauren's recent steps into motherhood.  In terms of content, it's early days but I'm excited to see what's to come.

// I think perhaps I've mentioned her before, but I couldn't not feature Emma Griffy here.  I'm a longtime fan, but her recent vlog kicked it up a notch.  In an era where vlogs are becoming increasingly stylised, Emma's balance of slick filming/editing alongside real life situations was absolute perfection to watch.  And yes, I've put that bit in italics because I'm finding myself questioning the 'realness' of a lot of vlogs lately!

// Leila Buffery is a new discovery and a breath of fresh air.  Predominantly foodie, it's her straight-talking style which got me hooked.  I stumbled upon her tattoo video then went on to watch her antidepressants experience video and had no choice but to hit subscribe.  And you should too!

// Discovering a little more money than expected in my bank at the end of the month meant an asos haul was in order.  Somehow I've been signed up to their rewards scheme which has resulted in a couple of £5 off vouchers burning a hole in my pocket.  I'm happy to say that quite a bit of what I've bought has been returned, but I'm still on the lookout for an outfit for my bestie's birthday bash.

//  I missed out on the ultimate lace up flats from Next (featured here) and have been searching the web for an alternative which won't break the bank.  I squealed with excitement to find that Next have released a cheaper dupe for their original ghillie flats and it's safe to say that these beauties are now sitting proudly in my shoe collection.

// Goodreads, goodreads, goodreads.  I am obsessed!  The app is far easier to use than the desktop site and I've been keeping track of what I'm reading, how far along I am and rating it at the end.  The best bit is being able to set yourself a reading challenge for the year....I'm currently on 35 out of 50 books!  If you fancy following me, you can find me here. 

// Over the summer I've tried (as much as possible) to be out and about, discovering new places.  For our Oxford day out in particular, TripAdvisor proved essential.  In a city with so much to see, the website was really useful in helping us decide exactly what we wanted to do in the time we had available.  I've never really bothered with TripAdvisor before, but will be doing it again before our next excursion!


  1. definitely going to check out the carbonara recipe! <3

  2. I love Emmas Videos! I discovered her a while ago.
    I might get the Goodreads app, considering I am on a mission with reading at the moment!

    ​​​​Leanne​ x​
    Fancy read? Check out my latest post​ ​|​​​​Tips & Tricks to survive a bad hair day

  3. Oh i never knew about an ASOS reward scheme! Any idea of how you got about joining?x


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