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I'd be lying if I said I didn't love booktube.  In fact, book-related videos are some of my favourites to hauls, wrap ups....they just pique my interest more than beauty nowadays. 

It actually took me quite a long stretch of time to build up my booktube subscriptions.  Finding creators with similar reading tastes to you is the first step.....and I hate to say it, but the slick editing of many a beauty vlogger isn't often present here.  (Note I said 'often' - it's not always the case!)  But you know what?  I quite like that!  It harks back to a day before YouTube was a money-making machine, and it makes watching these booktubers a lot like sitting down to chat books with a friends.

Below is a list - not an exhaustive one - of some of my favourites right now.  You'll find everything here from YA to Sci-Fi, contemporary to classics.

Sanne at booksandquills
Vanessa at chboskyy
Claire at Claire Weller
Helene at Helene Jeppesen
Jen at Jen Campbell
Kaitlin at Kitty G
Nicola at robotnic
Sarah at Sarah Churchill
Amy at shoutame
Sarah-Jane at TheBookLife

Is there anyone I've missed?  Who would you recommend?  Oh, and there's always me, of course!

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  1. Oh thank you for these recommendations! I've been looking for some booktubers to watch so i will definitely check all these out (and yours too!)
    Natalie xx


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