How To Survive The Run Up To Payday


We've all been there, and September turned out to be an even trickier month when it came to being careful with money.  Somehow I managed to not go overdrawn during the 6 weeks off work (aka spend city!), yet by the 7th of September I was feeling seriously scared.  I've reined it in, but it always seems like that final week of the month is the one where temptation's at its strongest.  Here's how to get by on minimal funds....

Girls Night In | Don't miss out on socialising just because your bank balance dictates it.  Some of my favourite nights with friends have been those where we've sat in in our pyjamas, watching films and setting the world to rights, rather than heavy nights out.  And instead of getting takeaways, we tend to head down to the supermarket and all chip in to buy the ingredients to make something together- usually enchiladas!  You get to catch up with friends, spend minimum money and not wake up with a sore head/greasy takeaway regret!

Shwopping | Or whatever the hell it's called!  You know what I mean though, shopping your friends' stashes of clothes etc.  For me, it'd be more along the lines of books.  My friends and I are all different sizes and styles, so swapping clothes would be a non-starter.  Books however....well that's something I could get on board with!  Lizzie and I are always recommending books to each other, and rather than rushing out to buy them, we should really start lending and swapping!

Comfort cooking | I'm a chef of convenience.  If it's quick to cook and doesn't have too many ingredients then I'm fully on board.  Trouble is, this means that on the occasions I cook from scratch, I often end up with excess ingredients that I'm unsure of how to use.  Mushrooms in particular!  Omelettes are a great way to chuck odds and ends in together to create a meal.  And they're classic comfort food for me.  The last week of the month cries out for omelettes!

Simple pleasures | Just like having your girlfriends over for a night on the sofa, getting out and about and taking pleasure in simple things that don't cost the earth is another way to pass the time and stay social.  A country walk or a bike ride are ways to get out and get active without spending a penny.  Plus as the weather turns it's a great excuse to dress all autumnal with scarves and hats.

Get rid | Vinted (@lornah87), Depop, eBay (@scaredtoast).....use 'em all to shift unloved, unworn and unwanted stuff.  I'm not an avid user, so it can be a slow process but well worthwhile if you're feeling the pinch!

Stay away from the shops! | I'm guilty of not following my own advice here....this past weekend I went shopping.  Twice.  I have got better with resisting the lure of online shopping though!  It's a no-brainer really, if you've got no money don't torture yourself by going shopping.  And if you do manage to stay strong and avoid buying any treats, there's always the cost of travel, parking, lunch(!) to be factored in.  A weekend away from any shops is always going to save you money.

Is there anything else you think I should add?


  1. Shwopping! Never heard it called that, but great idea :)

    Danyell Bailey |

  2. Great tips, best ways to get through that painful few weeks!

    Allie xx | Rush & Teal

  3. Loved these tips and I will be using them all month long not just at the end (I'm a uni student haha)! I definitely need to start having more nights in like you suggest - I prefer films and homemade pizza anyway!

    Bethany | xx

  4. These are some really good tips! I'm generally quite savvy when it comes to money but this month has been quite a struggle with moving house and having to wait forever to get my deposit back from my last flat. I definitely think staying away from the shops is key to saving money because I almost always come away with something when I just 'pop' into town! And girly nights in are my favourite, I much prefer having a nice home cooked dinner (totally with you on the enchiladas, mmm) and watching a film with my friends than going out drinking, and it saves money which is just a bonus!
    Loved this post!
    Nicole xxx
    Life in Ginger


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