Lazy Days


...are a thing of the past at the moment.  I really am spoiled in my job with the sheer amount of (paid) time off I get, but the process of adjusting to being back in the swing of full-time work takes some getting used to.  For various reasons I feel like I've hit the ground running and don't have a second to think at work.  And the weekend's aren't much easier, either!  The balance of activity and relaxing hasn't quite been right in the past few weeks; I generally spend Saturdays with Mum looking after my gorgeous niece and nephew, and then Sundays are for catching up on everything I didn't do the day before.  'Whirlwind' doesn't quite cut it!

So when Blossoming Gifts got in touch offering me the chance to trial their flower delivery service, I jumped at the chance.  When the house feels calm, I feel calm.  Fresh flowers are a luxury and they always make me feel that little bit more settled.

And aren't they beautiful?  They weren't quite at their freshest when I managed to get round to taking photos (busy weekends, what did I tell you!) but they're still brightening up the room a treat.  I opted for the Woodland bouquet - a seasonal bunch with vibrant orange lilies and roses with delicate berries to really get me in the mood for autumn.

Blossoming Gifts' flowers by post service was really quick.  They send the flowers out via Royal Mail 2 days prior to your requested delivery date to try and make sure they arrive on time.  Mine came on a Saturday, perfectly packaged and with the addition of a little box of diddy chocolates...which went down well with the little people!

Tempted to treat yourself?  Blossoming Gifts have kindly given me a 33% discount code on their (already!) cheap flowers to share.  Use the code BGIFTS33 to save 1/3 off the range and bring a little autumn cheer into your home without breaking the bank.  The 'flowers by post' selection isn't included in this offer, but there are plenty of other beautiful bouquets to choose from!

And now to finish the clothes washing and last!

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