Places: Lulworth Castle & Monkey World


Did you see last week's post with photos from our trip to Durdle Door?  Well I'm back today to show you pics from what we managed to do when it wasn't raining.....visit Lulworth Castle and stop off at Monkey World!

We arrived at Lulworth Castle 2 minutes before final entry and in the midst of them setting up for a wedding the next day.  As a result, there wasn't too much to see, although I'm unsure as to whether this was due to the wedding preparations or just the castle in general.

If you didn't know, Lulworth Castle was pretty much destroyed by a fire in 1929 so it really is a shell of its former self.  That said, it was really charming and up there as one of my ideal places for a wedding....think Ross and Emily from Friends with all the fairy lights! I'd been to Monkey World once when I was younger.  And it was raining.  And all the monkeys were inside.  So it was hot, sticky and cramped.  But the nonetheless I was looking forward to a trip on the way home!  It's been developed since I'd last been so was a lot bigger and with far more to see.

Monkey World is like a sanctuary for monkeys and primates - I sometimes find myself questioning the ethics of zoos and animal parks etc, so it was nice to be somewhere and know that the wellbeing of the animals is at the heart of everything they do.  We got there just after opening time so we were able to get close and see the monkeys.  It started to get busy and crowded as we left (just after lunchtime) so I'd recommend getting there early if you fancy a visit!


  1. Lulworth castle looks so gorgeous!

  2. It looks lovely, I would love to visit it.

  3. Incredible places!! I would love to visit there at least once. That castle would be perfect for my engagement Photoshoot. But I would like to have my wedding at some destination Los Angeles venues.


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