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Returning to work after the summer is always a bittersweet experience.  On the one hand I mourn those lazy days where I can wake up (and stay up!) late, yet on the other, I'm a lover of fresh starts and the excitement that September brings.  For me, it's a better time for change than January.  But this summer holidays this year felt particularly short (even Nick commented on it) and I just don't feel ready to go back and get stuck in.  The summer's gone by in a flash, but when I look back, I've done a lot.  Particular highlights include:

Climbing up on the roof to watch the meteor showers under a blanket with Nick.
Sitting on the beach to watch the day begin at Durdle Door.
Celebrating Dad's 60th birthday and reminiscing about spending is 40th in a caravan in Cornwall - how was that 20 years ago?
Discovering (and buying) lots of new books to read.
Having a (relatively) posh dinner with my besties in Richmond.
Talking boyfriends with Ella.  Who is this Toby?!  She's only 2!
Hurrying through the rain with puddles in my shoes in Bournemouth.
Falling in love with Oxford and all there is to explore.
Having a picnic (well, packed lunch!) in the country park.
Stumbling upon Guildford Castle.


  1. Sounds like you had a great summer - it feels like it went by far too fast! x

  2. Beautiful list! Summer sounds like it was a great one for you, I'm very jealous of the meteor shower I would have loved to have seen that.


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