6 Apps You Should Probably Download


Can we not talk about my cracked screen please?  It's a recent thing and I'm still coming to terms with it!

Goodreads | For: tracking your reading progress, seeing book recommendations, keeping a list of books you want to read.  Generally all things bookish!

Ringo | For: paying for parking on the go.  A lifesaver when you don't have any change or need to park and leg it to catch a train.

Cheerz | For: printing photos from your phone.  There's a wide range of printing styles, from polaroids to magnets, and it's a great way to make use of phone snapshots.

Boots | For: checking out Advantage Card deals.  The instore machines are no more, so the app is essential to keep on top of any offers currently running.

The Trainline | For: checking out train times, fares and buying tickets.  When I'm deciding how to travel and working out timetables I always use The Trainline.

TripAdvisor | For: making the most of your time in a new place.  TripAdvisor is not only full of reviews, there are also handy tips on attractions to visit, as recommended by other users.

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