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So today I'm talking YouTube; specifically, the YouTubers you need to have in your subscription feed.  I covered my favourite booktubers in this post, so hop over there if you're looking for the best bookish videos.  The list below covers a real mix of everything else I love watching.  If you're after vlogs, I'd recommend Brogan Tate or Samantha Maria.  If straight talking's your thing, go for Roisin Thora, Leila Buffery or Kate-Louise.  Or if you like a fusion of beauty, fashion, hauls and favourites click over to any of the other girls I've listed below.  There's a mix of established favourites (sunbeamsjess, itslinamar) alongside people like Amy Farquhar who's relatively new to YouTube.  Oh, and if you fancy watching hilarious lookbooks with minimal flounce but maximum fun, The Little Magpie is a must.

Don't forget to come back on Friday for the final installment of Appreciation Week!


  1. It seems you've missed me out- but it's okay! I can handle it ;)
    I love Brogan and Samantha Maria too. Obviously the Little Magpie is an utter babe also xx

  2. Thanks for recommending these! <3

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