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Do you remember my Christmas homewares post the other week?  I've slowly been buying bits and pieces to add a more festive touch to our home and the result is a much more Christmas-ready atmosphere!

We started off by revamping our tree.  We always go faux and while I've never really liked frosty looking ones before, this year I was hit by the urge to give it a go.  I wasn't sure if it'd just be a whim, so we tracked down this one from Asda which only cost £35.  We also went slightly more minimal on the decorations (a lot of my baubles didn't make the cut according to Nick!) and do you know what?  We love it.  It's surprisingly warm-toned for such a neutral colour palette and it's Nick's favourite tree we've had.

For general room decorations I also decorated our twig lights.  These sit in the corner of our living room all year round but this is the first time I've ever added to them.  Nick hates the baubles I've hung from the branches, but I love it!

Our wreath was from B&Q in their sale last year and the Christmas pudding door stop is from Sainsbury's.  It's totally not our usual Christmas style but certainly adds a little festive fun!  Now if only I could stop Dudley from thinking it's just a big ball for him to play with...

And finally on to our most recent addition and one I tend to overlook in the winter months.  Blossoming Gifts kindly gifted us their Cinnamon Spice bouquet and with its mix of roses, cinnamon sticks and red berries it's sitting pride of place on our coffee table.  I often think that flowers are more for summer, but the rich tones of this bouquet are perfect for the time of year.  These were a few days old when I managed to have enough light to photograph them, so they weren't looking as fresh as when they arrived!  They come in really sturdy packaging with a protective foam base to make sure they stay watered.  Delivery was prompt and it's one of the most beautiful bouquets I've received - I'd definitely recommend!  In fact, it was such a big bunch that I had enough to try out a pinterest-y look and add a sprig of leaves to my new vase.  It's a really clean look which I think I'll be recreating more often.  You can also get your hands on one of Blossoming Gifts' bouquets (minus their 'Flowers by Post' range!) with 33% off using the code BGIFTS33 - and you can still get delivery in time for Christmas if you use it today!
How do you add a Christmassy touch to your home?


  1. Your tree is looking on top form - you're putting me and my pathetic little tree to shame! I also love your vase, I have one similar but daren't use it incase the kitty knocks it over with his wide backside!!
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas lady x

  2. Ah I love all the festive touches to your home. We've never had a frosted tree but I'd be oh so tempted to get a small one for my room next year! xx


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