George At Asda Knitwear Care Club....And Some Pretty Snazzy Christmas Jumpers!


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Knitwear in winter is a no brainer.  And with the rise of the roll neck in full swing, not to mention luxe cashmere making a comeback, now's as good a time as any to talk knitwear care.

Let's start off with some of my top tips for looking after your knitwear...

Read the label | You're going to need the composition of your jumpers and cardigans if you're going to wash them properly.  Familiarise yourself with the different care labelling symbols to make sure you're washing at a suitable temperature.

Re-shape whilst damp | If your jumpers have a tendency to shrivel up slightly once washed, take the time to stretch them out slightly to get them back into shape.

Turn embellished jumpers inside out to wash | More on Christmas jumpers later, but they can tend to be pretty jazzy.  Flip them inside out before putting them in the washing machine to protect your other jumpers from snagging.

Use your radiators | I never put jumpers or cardigans into the tumble dryer and count that amongst the reason why (touch wood!) I'm yet to drastically shrink any of them.

Fold once dry | This is more important for wool or cashmere, but clothes hung on hangers for long periods of time can gradually lose their shape.  Keep your jumpers folded to avoid this!

It feels terribly middle-aged to admit that I've joined the Knitwear Care Club as set up by George at Asda.  At first, I was ready to write off the email but the promise of a care package packed with bobble removers, lint rollers and moth proof balls....please don't think less of me for saying I was eager to give it a go.  It's on its way to me, and I'm ready for bobble-free jumpers!

And now onto the Christmassy part of this!  Asda also offered me the chance to browse their knitwear range and pick a few items.  In the end I opted to get myself and my sisters a new Christmas jumper each - if you're looking for reasonably priced ones, they have a huge variety with something to suit every taste.

Have you got your jumper ready for Christmas day?

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