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BIBLIOBIBULI: (n) Those who read too much.

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I mentioned a few of my goals for 2016 in this post and whilst they're all fairly loose achievable goals, the thought of setting myself real challenges when it comes to reading is something that's been appealing more and more to me.  I feel like resolutions surrounding reading are something I can really sink my teeth into and work to attain; I'm forever reading and each book is a small step towards reaching these goal for the year.

So what am I hoping to do?

Read 52 books | I've already mentioned this one and 52 is a conservative goal if I'm honest, considering I managed 56 last year and only started in earnest around April time.  I've got three books under my belt so far, so I'm on track!

Have a 're-read' month in February | There are so many books I've really enjoyed, it seems a shame to never make time to read them again.  I'm dedicating next month to re-reading old favourites, as well as refreshing my memory with books that I've got the sequels to sitting on my shelves ready to read.  First stop, the Narnia series.

Read 'Friend Recommends' books | So this one's my take on the Youtuber Recommends challenge.  I've asked six friends to each recommend a book to me and put that title in a jar.  Every other month I'll pull one out at random and have to read it.  I've got Harry Potter, Jane Austen and more in there, ready to go next month.  I'm excited to expand my literary horizons!

Keep up with book clubs | I had to do a bit of a re-think when it came to book clubs this year, as I realised that committing myself to a couple plus my Friend Recommends plan realistically left me no chances to just choose a book for myself.  So I'm sticking to the Blogger Bookclub, as well as the little group I have with a couple of friends.  Blogger Bookclub gives me the chance to read from new genres, and my friends and I tend to stick to YA which are fairly quick to read.  Instead of the third book club we semi-set up at work, we're going to buddy read as and when we fancy.  Feel free to leave a comment down below or tweet me if you'd like to join in with the Blogger Bookclub!

Clear my TBR shelves | My TBR ('to be read') piles are spanning three shelves on my bookcase.  I did a quick count the other day and realised I've got enough books to last me the year, although I just can't stop buying more!  I'm aiming to slow down on the buying front and focus on working my way through those that I've got.

Do you have any aims when it comes to reading this year?

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