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Today is the day that I've returned to work after being off for the Christmas festivities from the 18th December.  It's a hard adjustment.  I've been spoilt with weeks of lie-ins, not having to keep track of days, trips to Costa (can we start a petition so they never get rid of the salted caramel brownies?) and time well spent with family and friends.  I know once I get back into the swing of things at work I'll be fine, but right now I'm not feeling it!

Joggers // Jacket (similar) // Trainers // Watch

And speaking of changes, there's going to be a couple here.  It's no secret that my posting schedule went out the window towards the end of last year - I spend pretty much every Saturday helping Mum look after my niece and nephew and whilst it's time I love giving, it does mean that time left for housework blogging is limited.  So for the time being, while I find my footing with juggling everything, I'll be changing my posting schedule.

You can now expect to find new blog posts every Tuesday and Thursday, with a new video on Sunday mornings.  Except for the blogger bookclub posts, which go live on the last Monday of each month!

On to a photo of me looking much happier (plus not at all awkward!) and back to the topic of this post.  My "fat pants" as Mum calls them, or Fash Pants as Lizzie has re-christened them.  I can see why Mum calls them that; they're soft, loose but they're also a more fashionable step up from my Primark slobby stay-at-home alternatives.  I never thought joggers would feature in my wardrobe, but these knitted ones from H&M are surprisingly wearable and oh-so comfortable.  They were perfect for hugging my post-Christmas dinner bulge but have also proved to be the perfect shopping day companions.

And isn't it just typical that we stumble upon an easy al fresco photo setting right before Lizzie ups and leaves me to go travelling?!  Think I'll have to train my sister up to keep me going whilst Lizzie's away....

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  1. You can't beat a comfy pair of joggers that can be worn anytime, anywhere!


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