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This month I made a real effort to get back into filming videos again.  I've said it over and over and although I still watch a real mix of videos, it's bookish ones that I feel inspired and motivated to make.  Which leaves me wondering how my subscribers feel?  People may be following me for the more standard, beauty/fashion-focused blogger videos, so does my choice to ramble on about books leave them not wanting to watch?  

It's a dilemma!

I started off the year with this video running through the best purchases I'd made in 2015.  There's a real mix in here...from a handbag I bought way back in February/March time, to lip liners and my relatively new trainers.

Complementing the last video, I filmed a round up of my favourite books of 2015.  This video features books that weren't necessarily released in 2015 (although I think one or two may have snuck in), but definitely the best ones I read last year.

I finished off the month with a video of book recommendations.  This is a video I've been meaning to film for a while and I've paired books up together to give an idea of similar themes which if you enjoyed in one book, you might like in another.

And those were January's videos!  You can watch them right here, or click this link to go over and watch on my YouTube channel.  Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already! 

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  1. I love love LOVE your book videos. Few of my friends are avid book readers and the ones they do read are not my thing. Really enjoy your reviews and have purchased a few books after your reviews. So keep it up!
    Ps do love the odd cheeky clothing/beauty bits vid too. X


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