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Pancake Day is a day of joy.  Any time where it becomes acceptable to overload on sugary sweet goodness - heck, to even forgo a proper dinner in favour of sweet treats - is one of the best days of the year for me.  I have a go-to topping of choice, but scouring the internet for this post has opened my eyes to the immense wealth of pancake recipes available.

All hail the pancake!
On a basic level, there are only two types of pancake for me.  Thick or thin.  If I'm going standard, the pancakes of my youth, it's all about the lemon and sugar variety.  A few years ago I ventured out into American-style pancakes: they can be fairly difficult to master and often involved various hard to come by ingredients.  Until I found this fail-safe Jamie Oliver recipe.  If you're after thick, fluffy pancakes then look no further.  Drizzled with maple syrup is always a winner.  

Chocolate with anything is a no brainer.  But gooey, melting warm puddles of good-ness are a must today.  These Nutella-stuffed versions are a twist on a standard combination, but these Oreo cookie ones are something else.  Not only do they look amazing, they're actually sneakily deceptive and not actually that bad for you.  A sweet tooth satisfier that won't ruin the diet?  Perfect.

As I've just touched on, the best thing about pancakes is their versatility - mainly the potential to mix ingredients up and make them a healthy option.  Protein pancakes have been doing the rounds for a while, and this banana oatmeal recipe uses chocolate protein powder to amp the sweetness up a notch.  You'd be forgiven for thinking they're as naughty as they look, alongside these Slimming World-friendly salted caramel pancakes.  It's a four-ingredient recipe which looks to be quick and easy to whip up.

If you're looking for something a bit lighter, you can't go wrong with fruit as a topping.  As I said, lemon and sugar is my favourite, but strawberries are another delicious option.  I couldn't resist sneaking in an extra helping of chocolate, as demonstrated by this recipe.  Or if you like a classic breakfast-y variety, try these stacked blueberry pancakes.

Ok, ok.  Despite the sweetness overload in this post, it didn't seem right to overlook the savoury variety.  Although Nick can't get his head around it, I am fully on board.  Sadly though, that means these are unlikely to feature in our house.  Which is a shame, because the mushroom and spinach crepes with goats cheese and balsamic drizzle sound ah-may-zing and the egg peeking out of this Turkish spinach galette looks exactly like the sort of thing I'd like to eat.

Finally onto something a little more adventurous....and I couldn't pick just two! On the left we've got German oven-baked pancakes - something I'd never heard of and am definitely interested to try.  Anything red velvet is guaranteed to catch my eye, so these raspberry flavoured pancakes with sweet cream cheese filling and a drizzle of Nutella were always going to make the cut with this post.  And on the right?  Cinnamon roll pancakes.  You're welcome.

Which ones will you be trying?

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  1. Oh man, now I just want all the pancakes haha! My faves are apricot jam on crepe style ones, and banana and blueberries!

    C x | Lux Life


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