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I am obsessed with a muted, creamy colour palette.  Anything dusky, blush pink is catching my eye and mixed in with soft greys and classic've pretty much got my ideal wardrobe theme.

Like what you see?  Here's where you can get all the items listed:

Unexpectedly, the sports luxe look is one I'm really leaning towards.  My fash pants have opened up a whole new world to me and I find myself heading towards the casual, joggers section of shops.  Alicia's got the look nailed, and her instagram is one to follow if you're looking on how to work the casual look with a more stylish edge.

To finish, I'm also thinking of having a little switch up with my hair this month.  Now that my fringe is nearly fully grown out I'm planning to get it cut a little shorter with the aim of blending in the remaining layers a bit more.  And in terms of colour, I'm thinking now's the time to finally get rid of the bronde look.  I had a brief dalliance with pink, leading to bleach blonde, a couple of years ago, but besides that have remained loyal to the ombre/balayage style.  I'm hoping for a creamy, ice-toned blonde taken much higher up towards the root to freshen things up for spring.  I've spent a lot of time pinning things to my pinterest board dedicated to all things good hair, so be sure to check there if you want to see what's doing it for me lately.

Do you have any style plans for the month?

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