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Let me introduce you to my most bag purchase - this beautiful dusky pink suede number from Zara.  When it comes to off duty, weekend style there's no denying that crossbody bags are my thang, and for the past few years I've been a fan of condensing down the crap necessities that I carry so that on days off I'm only lugging around the bare essentials.

But until recently I'd never worn a crossbody bag, well....across my body.  I preferred to balance the longer strap on one shoulder, which quite often led to it regularly slipping down due to my lack of substantial shoulder width and the company of two small children most Saturdays, requiring regular shimmying along or picking up.  So when I spotted fashionistas wearing their bags satchel-style, with the straps sitting diagonally across their fronts, I thought I'd give it a go.

And what are my thoughts?  Revolutionary.  At first I felt a little strange and self-conscious, completely changing the way I held my bag, but now I'm converted. The weight is balanced a little more evenly across my body and somehow it feels a little more secure knowing that my handbag is so easily within my reach rather then just dangling from my shoulder.


// I know the Chloe-style saddle bag is *in*, but I much prefer a boxier style for this look.  Personal choice, but I definitely think a slightly thinner than average (but not envelope-width), rectangular-shaped structured bag works best.

// Play around with straps for added detail.  The majority of my bags have a plain, matching leather strap but I also think a chain detail one looks great.

// It's got to hit hip height.  Too low looks like it's fallen down, and whilst some people are able to pull of the bag sitting slightly higher, I'd say the majority of us can't.

// Another personal preference, but as you'll see below (and in this post!), for spring I'm all about a neutral colour palette.  Classic black, dusky pink or soft grey are *the* shades I'm opting for.

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