4 Favourites: February


Traditional favourites don't tend to be my thing, but I would like to start taking stock more and realising which of my belongings 'spark joy', as Marie Kondo would say (FYI, I'm by no means a minimalist when it comes to my stuff - just head over to this post if you want to see my thoughts on the capsule wardrobe!)  Throughout February I've aimed to be a bit more aware of what I'm enjoying using or wearing, and it just so happens that 'wearing' is the relevant verb here.  Without trying to, I've just solely fashion favourites this month.  I doubt it'll happen often but if you'd like to know what made the list, read on....


Named after a seaside village in Denmark, Skagen are a seriously underhyped Danish-inspired brand.  They design all sorts, from bags to jewellery, sunglasses to stationery, but it's their watches which really catch my eye.  I mentioned mixed metal Skagen watch in this post and for Christmas Mum bought me a new addition to my collection in the form of this beautiful rose gold number.  I really love all things astronomy (and astrology, for that matter!) so the moving star mechanism on the face is just perfect for me - it's fun and quirky yet still remains stylish.  Stars can be tricky to get right, but Skagen have hit the nail on the head.  I haven't quite managed to work out the routine behind the movement of the stars themselves, but it's really nice to have a little extra detail adorning the simple design.   Click here to see it on!


Another Christmas present came in the form of this jacket from Nick.  I'd call it a jacket, Zara call it a blazer....perhaps why I've never managed to track it down online.  Go figure.  Either way it ticks all the boxes for me, with its tailored cut and Balmain (or is it Balenciaga?) vibe with those military-style gold buttons.  It was one of those wonderful Zara moments when you find something you love, check the price tag with trepidation and then double check when you see how reasonably priced it is.  Seriously.  £49.99, people.  I couldn't be happier.  In fact, I've invested in a total of 3 new coats this season and love the way each one can easily rotate into my wardrobe and bring a different element to an outfit.  This one's perfect for smartening things up a touch!


I'd had my eye on Gazelles for the longest time and was beginning to worry that my current penchant for trainers was going to bankrupt me.  Until I saw these Adidas-inspired offerings in Topshop.  Which is when I realised that I don't have to have the real deals for each and every one of my trainers, especially when my dalliance with them could be a fleeting one.  For the moment these surprisingly comfy, real leather versions (for £26 I'll add!) are filling the Gazelle-shaped gap in my life.  My only complaint?  The holes for the laces are ever so slightly different on each shoe with the overall effect being a noticeable difference in the appearance of the lacing, despite them being done in the same way.  It's a tiny flaw which I'm sure goes unnoticed once they're on my feet....but annoying nonetheless!


Aaaaand we're staying in Topshop for my final favourite of the month.  Have I told you that I can't get enough of all things pink?  I think I may have mentioned it, and whilst this jumper is very much not my usual style, somehow it's seamlessly worked its way into my wardrobe.  Bought on a slight whim, it's perfect for days when minimal thought is put into dressing.  The pink is the perfect baby-yet-not-sugary-sweet pink and the brushed texture (kind of like a school jumper turned inside out) just adds a little something extra.  Nothing in my wardrobe says cosy like this does.  I'm so enamoured, I've even got plans to add more pink sweatshirts to my wardrobe once payday hits.


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