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WHO: Countryside-dweller Helen, self-proclaimed writer, blogger and photographer-in-training.
WHAT: Cake!  Helen has a passion for food in fiction, so expect to find recipes inspired by books she's read.  As well as baking, you can tell Helen revels in her surroundings so there are lots of photos of the neighbouring countryside as she documents the changes that the seasons bring.
WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW: A Bookish Baker appears to be a relatively unknown blog, but I love the unique twist Helen's put on the things she loves and takes inspiration from.  It's an accomplished blog which deserves more followers.

WHO: Carrie, food and lifestyle blogger from Brighton.
WHAT: Snapshots of cafes and days out, recipes, the odd bit of beauty and a fair few shots of Carrie's dog!
WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW: Carrie's tagline promises 'adventures in positivity', and that's the underlying theme of her blog.  It's an honest, introspective, calming space which really gives a sense of taking stock and appreciating the little things in life.  Her photography style is cohesive throughout, whether it's her general musings on life or a day out somewhere....it's all recognisably 'Carrie'.
START WITH: The Un-Slump List


WHO: Abigail, another relatively under-hyped blogger living with her boyfriend (and cat) in South West London.
WHAT: Describing Snug as a collection of her "diary, memory box or scrapbook", Abigail's created a place to record her thoughts and inspirations.  As you'd imagine, there's all sorts here - from travel guides to books, musings on life and some delicious recipes.
WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW: Abigail's managed to make her blog as cosy as the name would suggest.  It's another peaceful place which I like to visit for a break from the whirlwind of fashion and beauty blogging.


WHO: Student and shopaholic, Alice Elle.
WHAT: The classic mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, Alice also features blogging and photography tips.
WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW: Aesthetically, Alicelle is everything I like in a blog.  Bright, airy flat lay photos, styled to perfection - there's your relatively standard topics covered but with a new voice.  Alice only started her blog this year but is already building up a loyal following, fast.

Vix Meldrew

WHO: 20-something teacher Vicky from London.
WHAT: Honesty, delivered by an unapologetically sharp tongue.  Vix shares her thought on issues pertinent to  my generation, minus any sugar-coating or soft focus, and it's refreshing to read.  Expect to find musings on dating, blogging and life in general as a 20-something woman.
WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW: Vix has a voice which shouts to be heard.  Her writing is compelling, raw and invariably right on the mark.  It's one of the more 'real' blogs that I read, and definitely one you should all check out.


  1. Thanks for the tip, apart from Carrie Brighton, I haven't heard/read any of the other blogs.


  2. This is such a fun, lovely idea - great to find new reads!

    Sophie xx

  3. These bloggers all look right up my alley!!!

  4. I can't remember if I did so already, but thank you so much for featuring Snug! I'm so happy to have you in the Snug gang :D xxx


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