5 Happy Things In February


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#1 - 7 YEARS
Nick and I celebrated being together for 7 years on Valentine's Day.  Our anniversary falling on 'the most romantic day of the year', sadly, always pushes us to avoid making a big deal out of it.  We don't buy each other extravagant presents, and you'll never see us joining other couples for a Valentine's meal.  Instead, we tend to go for a trip somewhere and spend quality time doing an activity we'll both enjoy.  Last year we went to a safari park and this time we had plans to visit Bath.  Until it rained, that is.  Heavily.  We got to the car and swiftly changed our minds, opting for a day of shopping.  And do you know what?  It was perfect.  We very rarely shop together (if at all!) so a day in each others company pottering around the shops was a welcome change and truly enjoyable.

You know you're getting old when purchasing a new chair is a highlight of your month.  Either way, I'm *so* glad to finally have the perfect reading area sorted.  We've said for a while that we need a nice armchair in the library/office room, but haven't been able to find one for a reasonable price.  You can just see it in the background of this post; it's a patterned grey snuggle seat that Mum and I found whilst wandering around our local Next outlet store.  I haven't seen such a good quality chair at such a good price (£132!) in all of my online searchings, and having to rearrange the room to fit in our new piece of furniture has led to a bit of a change around with my desk area.  And you know what they say about a clear desk....I'm feeling much more productive.

After months of relying on my Sony hybrid camera, I decided to dust off my DSLR and play around with lenses again.  I'm not sure if it's down to the aforementioned re-organisation of the office meaning more light hits my desk, but my photos seem to be coming out much brighter and airier.  The blogger's dream!  It feels good to be getting use out of it again - it feels more like 'proper' photography using the bigger camera - and makes me wonder why I stayed away for so long.

As ever, half term is the perfect time to regroup, relax and refresh.  I spent lots of time catching up on reading (in full swing of a re-read month!), had a few shopping days as well as generally just pottering around.  Highlights included a last minute trip to Ikea leading to a day in Southampton, my big sister's birthday meal and catching up with an old friend whilst taking a shopping tour of Guildford.  Why can't we have a week of every month?

Yep, I've jumped on the bandwagon with gusto.  At first I wrote bullet journalling off as quite a serious, business-focused task manager - until I found Kara's videos (this one in particular) and realised that, actually, bullet journalling can be a very fluid and personal system!  I've gone for the classic dotted page Leuchtturm in grey but am using it as more of a scrapbook/planner to house all sorts of collections, including purchase logs, book reviews, weekend to do lists, monthly trackers and blog ideas.  I'm reluctant to feature my journal in any real depth on my blog, as there's a wealth of informative posts out there, but if you'd like to see how I've customised mine to be more of a reflective planner then let me know below.


  1. Congrats on 7 years with your man and with the resurrection of your DSLR! Point & shoot camera's are so good now a days I rely on mine a lot too.

    Abigail Alice x | Latest The Best Nude Liquid Lipsticks!

  2. Happy anniversary! I love having a mooch around the shops with my other half, sometimes the unplanned days are the best! Sabrina xx

  3. Congratulations on your 7 year anniversary! x

  4. There's nothing old about buying new furniture, I always get excited about buying new things for my home. Maybe I'm getting old too.

  5. Happy 7 Years! My, that is an incredible feat! Here's to 7 more years then! I'd love to get a DSLR soon, I want to invest in one to get better shots for myself <3

    xx Bash |   H E Y   B A S H   | bloglovin'


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