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So like last month I'm still favouring a pink-based colour palette- I'm under the Balmain X Yeezy influence right now!  I doubt I'll be stepping out in a nude bodysuit any time soon, but I can definitely get my fix playing around with beiges, creams and pinks with textures such as ribbed knits and furs thrown in.  
Check out these links to find out where everything's from:

// Cami
// Jumper
// Belt
// Jacket
Put together like this, I'm worried this looks like a sugared almond, pastel kind of affair -  in my head it isn't.  I'm thinking key structured pieces using the pink shades alongside darker, grungier items.  The ribbed dress would be in my wardrobe already if I had the body for it!  In the meantime I'm toughening things up with my trusty leather jacket and skinny black jeans.

And speaking of things making their way into my wardrobe.....the faux fur coat was a fabulous purchase last month which I'm completely in love with!

Towards the end of February we also bleached out the remaining grey tones in my hair, toned it to a cleaner blonde and cut off the ends into a sharper, blunter shape.  It's now shorter than I've had for quite a while and I didn't realise how much I prefer my hair at this shoulder-grazing length.  It's a sharper look which is quicker to dry and easier to style.  Whereas before I'd be accidentally turning it into a more contrived curled style thanks to the longer lengths, I've now got my ideal blunt, waved bob.  I'm so happy and can't stop pinning similar styles!

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  1. I love the blush colour! I am on the hunt for a leather jacket like the one in the picture too..or suede..fickle! x


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