5 Happy Things in March


Like most mums, mine does so much for me so it was nice to treat her for the day.  Zara and I took her out for breakfast then on for a make over with Clinique and a morning of shopping.  Then it was back home where we surprised her with homemade cake, flowers and presents.  I actually spend a lot of time with Mum, so minus the presents and make over it wasn't too different to the normal stuff we get up to, but it was nice to make Mum feel special and have the focus on her for the day.

It seemed like forever since Leanne and I had met up, so we booked in a day of shopping and blog chatter.  As usual we were out for hours...setting the world to right and buying all of the make up.  Blogging's a funny passion which isn't shared by any of my *real* friends, so it's always nice to spend time with someone who understands the community, the need to buy things "to blog about" and just generally bounce ideas around with. 

Nick had an out of hours job in Kew one Saturday this month so I tagged along and went for a wander.  I ended up in the cutest independent bookshop and fell in love with how picturesque Kew is.  After exploring for a bit on one of the first sunny days of the year (and taking the photo above!), we headed home and had a good catch up in the car.  Despite living together, we're often on such different schedules that it can be hard to have real quality time and conversations together.  Driving down the M4 was the ideal opportunity and feeling the warmth of the springtime sun on our skin just made it all the more enjoyable.

After a fortnight with no movement with my weight loss, I suddenly dropped the last 2.5lbs which brings me to a total loss of 2st.   Just in time for Easter; I'm proud to stay I've stayed strong and eaten no eggs this year.  None!  I haven't been at this weight for at least 4 years so I'm having fun digging out old clothes and finding that they fit me again, seeing how loose more recent clothes are now and (of course) shopping for a new wardrobe.

Easter's 4 day weekend is the perfect length to really spend quality time with loved ones.  Nick and I kicked things off with lunch out and shopping on the Friday, followed by creme egg cheesecake making with Ella on the Saturday, our annual family lamb lunch on the Sunday and a quiet day at home on Monday.  Can we have one of these every month, please?


  1. Well down on your weight loss this month. I didn't eat any Easter Eggs this year either. Well I may have had a Cadbury Creme Egg but I didn't count these as they're small!! Hope April turns out to be equally as fun. ;)


  2. Well done on avoiding the Easter Eggs! I had one Cadbury's Crème Egg as I jet off on holiday in 8 days, eeek! Definitely looking forward to more bank holidays in May! x

  3. No easter eggs?! I admire your restraint!!


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