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After my previous posts about weight loss and weight gain, I thought I'd venture into documenting my journey a little more with regards to food.  I've hit my goal weight and for the most part I can say that my eating habits are completely different to back in October when I first started.  Even Nick commented on the fact that I don't stash treats away anymore!  It no longer actually feels like I'm on a diet...of course there are the odd days when I crave takeaway or chocolate....but I've gotten pretty good at substituting foods or working out a way to make treats or heavy meals a little less naughty.

That said, I'm prepared for the point to come when I'm bored of eating the way I am so I'm keen to try new foods which will help me stay on track but still shake things up a bit.   First thing I'm trying?  Smoothies and juices!

I was recently invited by The Oracle shopping centre to come and spend an evening with Boost learning a little more the brand and their products.  And I have to admit, I'm impressed.  Originating from Australia, Boost focuses on 100% natural, healthy juices and smoothies with no artificial sweeteners.  The menu is extensive; there's something for everyone - low fat, protein, energising, immune boosting - and includes low fat smoothies, fruit crushes, protein smoothies, juices and even protein balls.

For someone looking at lowering their carbs like I am, the thought of a fruit smoothie was a little daunting as I know how much sugar there is in fruit.  And natural or not, the carbs and sugar are still there!  I had a chat with our host for the evening, Eyo, and he suggested I substitute the bananas in any recipe for something different and lower in carbs.  The flexibility of Boost (and juices and smoothies in general) is what really appeals to me.  The ability to switch out foods that I don't like or which won't work well with my diet, and add in alternatives to suit my tastes and needs is something that really excites me and makes me more willing to try things outside of my comfort zone.  They also have various 'boosters' which are flavour-less powders that can be added in, whether you're looking to add extra protein, curb your appetite or gain the benefits of an extra fibre kick.

We all got the chance to get hands on and make our smoothies, so we could see the production from start to finish.  It's all fresh ingredients and seeing the different possible flavour combinations was a bit of an eye-opener for me....I want to try them all!

The result?  Smoothies aren't going to work long-term on the specific (admittedly made up by myself!) plan that I'm on.  But it's an undeniably cleaner way to eat than living off squashes, caffeine or fizzy drinks and I love the fact that Boost Juice Bars make it so easy (and fun!) to satisfy a sweet tooth on the go.  I'd definitely opt for one of these as a treat once in a while when I'm out and about.

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  1. I went to Boost all the time when I was travelling in Aus as it was a way better option than Subway or McDonalds! x


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