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// I know I'm incredibly lucky having so much time off throughout the year, but heading back to work after the Easter break is always tricky.  Rather than feeling rested I'm more tired than ever, my reading habits have slipped and I'm facing a 7-8 week term with SATs looming.  I'm living for the May Day Bank Holiday right now!

I've got my eye on:
// this eye brightener - have any of you tried it?
// these shoes
// Zoeva brushes - are they as good as everyone says?

// Splurging on beauty products seems to be my thing lately and I've given my make up routine a bit of a shake up.  It's taken me out of my comfort zone and I'm really enjoying playing around with eye shadow combinations again but keeping each look wearable.  More to come on my recent purchases later this week!

// I'll admit that cooking has never been my forte, but Nick and I have been experimenting more in the kitchen.  Our goals are very different, but ultimately the desire to eat cleaner is the same.  I've gotten into a bit of a funk with evening meals (I can't stand the thought of anymore eggs!) so am on the look out for some low carb options or tweaks to existing recipes - any recommendations?

// After losing the plate to mount my camera to the tripod, I embarked on an unexpected hiatus from YouTube.  Good news is, I've found it again!  Expect a new video within a couple of there anything you'd like to see from me?  Leave suggestions down below!

Some people to check out:

// Georgia
// Abby
// Paula
// Elle

// Do I need Snapchat?  The impression I get is that it's a lot like the 'purer' instagram of old days - a way to document comings and goings without stylised, slick photography.  Is this the case?

// I mentioned that reading has fallen by the wayside slightly after returning to work, and part of my evening routine is now watching Netflix in bed.  So far I'm watching an episode of Love every night or so, but would love (<< see what I did there?) suggestions for any other good series.  I tried Bates Motel the other night, but it gave me very a restless sleep and disturbed dreams!


  1. I'm curious about Snapchat although I don't have Instagram so I feel a little behind everyone else!

  2. That quote by George Eliot is ironic, because George Eliot was in fact a woman called Mary Ann Evans!

  3. I thought I wouldn't need snapchat but I'm actually really enjoying it. Both as a viewer and as a different way of expressing myself. Who knew?!


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