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So as I mentioned in this post, I seem to have come full circle with my shopping tastes and can't seem to stop buying make up.  And whilst it's been fun experimenting with switching things up in my stash, the blogosphere and the beauty industry can, I feel, be a dangerous mix.

It is so easy to be influenced by the luxury purchases others have made.  But then it's also so easy for them to recommend the latest "must have" lipstick to you when they're being sent the whole collection for free.  No shade here whatsoever, but having taken a slight paycut in my career change I'm finding that myself watching my money a little more than I'm used to.  Or would like to.  Same difference.

Being sensible with my money means that I really value knowing what's worth having before I stump up the cash for it.  And my backlog of beauty purchases from my (marginally) richer days leads me to sharing my thoughts with you in this post.

What's really worth parting with your hard earned cash for?

This was my first step into high end foundations and I'm pretty sure I won't need to look any further to find my ideal.  The colour match is perfect, coverage exactly what I want, the packaging is luxurious and it lasts all day.  At £32.50 it definitely sits at the upper limit of my price range and I'm dreading the day I have to purchase a new one!  I've used it every day since the beginning of April though and I'm not yet halfway through so I'm hoping I'll get my money's worth.

I'm onto my third tube of this stuff and swear by it.  My first one lasted roughly a year, but the second one leaked constantly so only lasted 8(ish) months - I'm hoping it was a one-off because I'm in love with the consistency and coverage.  It does seem extravagant to be spending £20+ on a concealer, but I can honestly say I've never looked back.

If you struggle with dark circles then you *need* this.  Since I was given this at the beginning of June I've used it every day to set my under-eye concealer and attribute it to the fact that I haven't had to retouch during the day since, and no longer come home from work looking exhausted.  I genuinely didn't think it'd make that much of a difference in terms of longevity, and instead just hoped for a Kim K brightening affair, but I'm pleased to report that it's nailed it on both fronts. 

As a Changing Jobs Present (that's a thing, right?) I decided to treat myself to a blusher I've had my eye on for a while.  On me it's the perfect cool-toned medium pink which actually works really well to give a natural, almost contoured look on the cheeks.  The formula blends seamlessly into the skin, it's nearly impossible to be too heavy-handed and overdo it (something I'm guilty of with other blushers!) and this has fast become a favourite in my collection.

I can't vouch for all of the shades in this line, but Cosmopolite is eye shadow goals.  A gorgeous copper brown with a shimmer that makes it almost wet-look, this will be your quickest smoky eye ever.  I've reserved it for special occasions which means it may not be the most cost effective, but it's certainly a real treat to own and use.

I've managed to build up quite the collection of these recently and if I think of what it's actually cost me I start to freak out a little.  But liquid lipsticks are having a real moment right now and if you want something higher end I'd say these are your go-to's.  For the purpose of neatness I opt to line my lips with a similar shade pencil liner first, although the doe foot applicator can be angled to give a pretty sharp line right off the bat.  Colour pay off is great (Dolce is a great dupe/pairing for MAC's Spice!) and although they can start to feel a little drying throughout the day, I find that a swipe of lip balm adds a bit of moisture back in and leaves things looking good as new.

I swear by this stuff for making my weak, flaky nails much less prone to peeling.  To use properly you apply two coats and then top up every other day with a fresh layer.  Now admittedly I'm too lazy to do that, so instead opt to use it as more of a base coat underneath other polishes.  Used properly though, this works a treat!

I've mentioned this one many times before, but it will forever be a worthwhile purchase in my daily ammo.  If beachy undone waves are you vibe then this is the one for you;  I've tried pretty much every surf spray I've ever got my hands on and this is undoubtedly the best.  Expensive, but worth it.


  1. Girl I am so with you on the OPI Nail Envy! I used to have the flakiest nails before I discovered this miracle worker. You have a beautiful blog Lorna! Hope you have a lovely weekend xxx

  2. Agree completely on the Stila Lipsticks. They are amazing x

    Coco | The Beauty Milk


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