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I'd say I watch more YouTube than I do regular tv, and my subscription list is ever-expanding.  A while a go I wrote this post sharing some favourite YouTubers and thought it was high time I did another one.

If lifestyle's your thing I'd recommend Britton Loves, where Lauren does a real mixture of foodie videos alongside hauls and vlogs.  For the fashionistas out there, I've been loving Georgia Meramo's style and Megan Ellaby has quirky 60s/70s inspired fashion down to an tee.  Lizzy Hadfield is another big favourite; she does fantastic videos where she test drives key pieces from budget to high end, styling them up and sharing her thoughts after each day's wear.  A fashion/vlog hybrid...my favourite things to watch right now!  Beauty-wise, Emily Valentine Parr and Allana Davison are both musts if you like tutorials, and if a witty, insightful commentary on things that matter (or should matter!) to our generation are your bag then I'd strongly suggest you head to Hannah Witton's channel.
And the rest.....

Is there anyone you think I've missed?  I'm always on the look out for new faces to follow, so leave me your favourites (or your own) links down below!

And if all that wasn't enough for you, there's a full round up of my bookish favourites here!

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