Recipe: Congo Bars


If you're a follower of mine on Pinterest you may have noticed that my recent pins have been 95% food-orientated.  Specifically sugary, chocolatey cakey goodness.  For a long time I've been content with just window shopping (as it were) but faced with the prospect of a lazy Sunday I decided to give one of the recipes a whirl.

I settled on Congo Bars (no, I'd never heard of them either...) which are a blondie/chocolate cookie-type traybake.  I'd attempted cookie bars before but the recipe was long-winded and expensive, so when I saw that this one had just eight ingredients I was sold.  And they're easy ingredients - the type you most likely have sat in your kitchen cupboards, none of this going out and having to buy obscure shizz.

The best bit is that they're super easy to make and taste *so* good.  There's the doughy, almost undercooked layer of dense chocolateyness (yes, that's a word) on the bottom with a cookie-like chewy crisp to the top.  Amazing fresh out of the oven, but equally good after a quick whizz in the microwave.  Get your glasses of milk ready, because here come the instructions!

The recipe I followed is American and uses cups, but with the help of this handy tool it was fairly simple to translate.  But I've gone one step further and listed everything in grams for you!

After setting the oven to 160° you need to cream 340g BROWN SUGAR with 150g SALTED BUTTER.  Once that's done, beat 3 EGGS and add them to the mix along with 1 TSP VANILLA EXTRACT, stirring until well combined.  Next, chuck 2 1/4 TSP BAKING POWDER into a separate bowl with 1/2 TSP SALT and 140g PLAIN FLOUR.  Stir this in with the sugar mixture and add a further 210g PLAIN FLOUR.  The last step is to add in chocolate, I went with 200g MILK CHOCOLATE CHIPS but also threw in some DARK AND MILK CHOCOLATE CHUNKS which we had leftover from various other baking ventures for good measure.  Transfer to a rectangular dish which is either greased or lined with greaseproof paper and chuck in the oven for 25-35 minutes.  Mine took the full 35, just be sure to take it out of the oven when it starts to turn golden brown on top.  Leave to cool slightly for 10 mins or so in the dish, before placing on a wire cooling rack.
If you have the willpower for it, I still wouldn't recommend waiting for this to cool fully before the taste test.  They're delicious and gooey whilst still warm and well worth burning your tongue for!


  1. See I know, that if I cut these into squares I would eat the whole lot in one go....I wouldn't be able to *save* any...none of that silly stuff!


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