Recipe: Quick Malteaser Fudge


A few weeks ago I found myself in Brighton spending more than I'd care to admit on fudge.  It's my latest obsession, but upon realising it could become quite a pricey one I decided to take matters into my own hands and look around for easy, customisable recipes.

Enter (as I've christened it).....Quick Fudge!  This recipe is everywhere on the internet so I'm not going to pretend I've come up with anything new.  The possibilities with it, however, are endless.  I tried Oreos first, before whipping up this batch of Malteaser fudge as a birthday present.

Now the best part about this fudge (which isn't really fudge at all....should I have mentioned that sooner?) is that at its base it only takes two ingredients.  Which actually makes it incredibly cheap to make, but the optional toppings transform it into nothing short of a showstopper.

Now onto the recipe!

You're going to need 500G OF WHITE CHOCOLATE  melted in a medium sized pan along with a TIN OF CONDENSED MILK.  I chopped up a BOX OF MALTEASERS and threw them in at the last minute once I'd taken the pan off the heat and was ready to transfer the mixture into a smallish rectangular deep baking tray.  For some reason I didn't factor in that the Malteasers would begin to melt, but I quite like the marble effect it's created!  I had another bag of Malteasers on standby, of which I pressed a few into the top of the fudge (once I'd smoothed it over) to decorate.  Pop it in the fridge for a couple of hours and voila!  

As I mentioned this, strictly speaking, isn't fudge.  It lacks that true fudge trademark sugary consistency, but I'm happy to overlook that. These have gone down a storm in the office....let it not be said that I don't know how to make friends at work!  A little goes a long way though and you really need much less than you think.  I've cut into fairly small squares here, but even then you probably only need half of each one to satisfy any sweet tooth cravings.

Shall we bask in its glory once last time?

It's safe to say I've caught the fudge making bug and can't wait to try different combinations.  The only thing stopping me is the negative correlation between the amount it makes and the volume I can consume!  Next on my list?  Salted caramel pretzel.  Will keep you posted!


  1. I love fudge and have made it at home countless times! Although this quick fudge is a new method that I'd definitely want to try out. I love the marble effect of the malteasers and this sounds delicious :)
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  2. This looks delicious - and so much easier than faffing about boiling sugar!

  3. These look incredible and very Pinterest worthy. I have such a sweet tooth so they are just my cup of tea! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  4. Erm... Heck yes! This looks drool worthy!! Can't wait to give it a try!!

    Faded Windmills


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