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Sun-warmed skin?  Balmy nights staying up late with friends?  Family BBQs?  All parts of summer that I love, but one thing ever-present in my memories of summers past...

The magic of getting lost in a good book.  From the family drama read curled up in a blanket on a rainy day last year, to the YA dystopian devoured in an afternoon a few years back.  The books I've read are always a key feature when I look back on previous summers.

So when Ocean loans got in touch with the invitation to take part in a summer homeware haul, I didn't take me long to decide exactly which area of our home I wanted to spruce up.

With my summer decidedly shorter following my career change, I knew I wanted to create a reading sanctuary where I could while away the hours that are now going to be so few and far between.  And with my other shelves beginning to feel the strain of my reading (and book buying!) habits, the first step had to be a new bookshelf.

But of course buying a new bookcase is just the beginning and I quickly realised that whilst I definitely had too many books for the bookcases I already owned, I certainly didn't have enough to fill up a new one.

There truly is an art to styling up a bookcase and it's one that I've not yet fully mastered.  But with my new space I've bought a few bits and pieces to try and help me fill up the gaps, add diversity and create that book haven I'm aiming for.  Like those lights above.  Really simple; battery-operated fairy lights inside one of my favourite vases and it's instantly added warmth to the area.

Because no trip to Ikea is complete without buying a plant, am I right?  Housed inside this wire basket next to my collection of Picador classics, I love the extra detail it adds to the otherwise plain shelf.  Since I don't really have much choice in the matter, I'm trying to embrace emptier sections and play around with the space by stacking books upwards rather than lining them up side by side.

And speaking of wire baskets, I was so pleased to see one lonely gold basket at my local Next store.  I already have two others which I store my "need to read" books in but both were overflowing....and now I have another one to fill up!  So that's three baskets brimming with books I haven't read (plus the bottom shelf on one of the other bookcases) - it's my mission to get through as many as possible by the end of this year.

And that's my summer update for our home.  The result is a quiet, harmonious space where I've already lost a sunny Saturday morning starting (and finishing!) a book.  Pure bliss, and I'm looking forward to many more of the same.

Have you invested in any new homeware recently?

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  1. Really pretty styling! I'm slowly trying to tweak our bookshelves which are nothing short of functional at the moment so this is inspiring! Also love seeing the Inkheart novels <3 adored those!


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