The Weekend


One of my favourite things to do is to visit new places and spend the day exploring.  When Nick found out he'd have an emergency job in Bognor Regis on Saturday morning I decided to tag along in the hopes of making a day of it.

The 5:30am wake up call hit me like a tonne of bricks (especially after a very late Friday night) and after donning my comfiest jumpsuit (a grey sweatshirt material....the closest I can get to pyjamas in public) we hit the road.  Early morning drives are unexpectedly pleasant when there's no other cars on the road.  The sun was beginning to set in for the day leaving the countryside looking beautifully peaceful - definitely worth the early start!

Applying a full face of make up from the front seat of a van facing a surprisingly busy bus stop was a new experience for me, but thankfully Nick finished before 9 and it was on to Chichester.

City exploring isn't something Nick and I do very often, so it was blissful to spend a few hours wandering in the sunshine.  We admired the cathedral (and the cool respite it provided from the sun) before attempting the Wall Walk.  Which was a big failure.  I was envisioning a real tangible piece of history and was disappointed to learn that the footpath we were walking along in the hopes of finding the beginning of the walk was it.  Not so much a wall walk, more of a walk where the wall used to be.  Next to a dual carriageway, apparently.  Should have done my research!

No trip would be complete without a bookshop visit for my tradition of buying a new book as a memento of the day.  Which is where Nick discovered this immense milkshake and I stumbled upon a Beauty and The Beast-style chandelier in the middle of Waterstones.  Winning on both counts, there.

A sunny drive home led to an spent with Mum, Ella and Dylan.  We always have Saturdays together so it was nice to still fit in some time together, especially now I'm not working with Mum everyday.  Nick and I also went to the cinema to watch Tarzan; I can't remember the last time I went to watch a film and I really enjoyed it.  Thumbs up from both of us, in fact!

And then today, perhaps with a subliminal Tarzan influence, I made Congo Bars.  Not entirely sure where the name comes from but they're a cookie bar tray bake affair which I'll share on here soon.  Oh, and I also managed the book I've been stuck on for a while.  A successful weekend!

What did you get up to?

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