5 Happy Things In July


June felt like an intense cramming session - learning new skills and procedures in a way I haven't really had to in my adult worklife.  And now July is the practical, hands-on part where I'm getting to trust my instincts and apply the knowledge I've learnt.  I'm trying to rely less on those around me in my team, to own the fact that I'm new and still learning the ropes, and just have a go.  It feels good to complete a task on my own and I'm relishing the sense of accomplishment.

I blogged about this here, so won't talk too much more about that sunny day we spent exploring the cathedral city.  There's nothing I love more than wandering around a new place, soaking in the views and to have spent time doing that with Nick was all the more enjoyable.

I won't lie, waking up on the 21st with the overwhelming urge to dive straight back under the duvet, heightened by the knowledge that had I still worked at school it would be the very first day of the six week break was hard.  But d'you know what?  It has got easier!  I haven't ever had a year without the summer holidays and I genuinely don't miss them as much as I thought I would.  I've got a few days booked off here and there throughout August (one to be spent with Lizzie which I'm very excited about!) which is keeping me going, and instead of mourning the loss of my summer I'm reminding myself how lucky I was to have had so many of them and that this just indicates the start of an exciting chapter in my life.

I tend to spend every Saturday with Mum, helping to look after Ella and Dylan.  And I wouldn't have it any other way, but Mum off on holiday has given me a hiatus and the chance to claim my Saturdays back.  For the most part they've still been hectic, so I look back fondly on the Saturday morning I spent curled up on the sofa, starting - and finishing - a book.  I get a real sense of achievement whenever I manage to race through a book and tick it off my reading list, and it was a the perfect, relaxing start to the weekend.

It had been so long since I'd tested out a new recipe, so having the time to do so throughout July was a real treat.  From the quick fudge I whipped up as a gift, to the Sunday morning batch of congo bars and the chocolatey banana bread....it's been really satisfying to get back into baking.  Not to mention the fact that I managed to make the banana bread one night between finishing work and going to the gym - I *love* that I am now a person who has time to start and complete tasks in an evening rather than coming home exhausted and stressed.

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  1. Glad you're settling in to the new job! I am so envious of my teacher friends with the long holidays but less so about the stress and the marking...x


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