11 Things I Wish I'd Learnt Earlier In Life


You don't have to justify your reasons for saying "no".

Family and true friends don't care.

Happiness is key.

Read widely.  You can never have too many books.

Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone.

Worrying doesn't change anything, so try and let go.

You'll only regret what you didn't do.

Not everyone will like you.

Think about what you're hoping to gain from a situation and the way your words make people feel.

Appreciate the little things.

Be yourself.


  1. "Not everyone will like you" - This is something I'm still learning to deal with. Annnd I completely agree on the book thing. xx

  2. This was inspiring for a young girl like me. Thanks for sharing your advice! Love reading these!

  3. A lovely post! It's true that you can never have too many books. I regret spending time doing some things (I'm looking at you, Youtube!), but never reading! Also, where are your jeans from in that photo? I'm after a pair just like them.

    xx http://pollyrowan.com/


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