How To Prepare For A Capsule Wardrobe


I recently told you how I'm undergoing a capsule wardrobe experiment.  Minimalism is something that really appeals to me and a capsule wardrobe felt like a natural starting point to test the waters with.

As you probably know, a key feature of the capsule wardrobe is that you don't shop for a preparation is vital and will stand you in good stead for a few months ahead. 

Decide what works for you | One of the things that had always held me back from starting a capsule wardrobe was the thought of only sticking to 37 items, so I was happy to learn that this isn't a strict number.  You can opt for more (or less), so I've upped it to 45 items for the time being and will also be implementing a mid-season swap.

Write it down | Strictly speaking you probably don't *need* to do this stage, but I always like to plan and write things down to try and help me stick to it. I used this workbook for guidance and noted down things like who/what inspires my style, which colours I gravitate towards and my goals for this change in mindset.  It didn't reveal anything I wasn't aware of already, but I think it'll be really good to look back on and see how my style and tastes change over the seasons.  What was most useful (and interestingly enough the thing I thought was most pointless) was the activity tracker which really helped to focus my planning when I realised just how my time was divided up.

Get sorting | I've been through my wardrobe a couple of times this year so sorting through everything wasn't too taxing.  Only problem was that the bulk of the items sat in my wardrobe were those I really liked - and I was way over 45.  I've given things away to family, friends and charity shops, with anything worth selling waiting to be listed on eBay.  Then once I'd stripped things down, the next step was to make room elsewhere for items which wouldn't make it into the current cycle of clothes.  And that's pretty much where you need to be - bin the crap, donate/sell anything in decent condition, keep what you love for your current collection and put anything else away for another season.

Write it down (again) | Once I knew what was left in my wardrobe, I added the extra step of writing down exactly what it was I wanted to keep.  This really helped when it came to sticking to my 45 item limit, as a fair bit of my clothing was in the wash so it was hard to visualise what the completed capsule wardrobe would look like.  To keep track, I made a list and have been ticking things off as they go onto my shelves.

Unsubscribe | So you've got your bangin' wardrobe all ready to go, now it's time to remove temptation.  For me, this means not only unsubscribing from all mailing lists but also cutting back on haul videos.  YouTube-enabled purchases probably make up 90% of my (old) wardrobe, so wiping this out will be a big help.

One final piece of prepared for how empty your wardrobe's going to look!  My wardrobe is an open one which is the main feature of our rbedoom, so the bare shelves look especially lonely and had me wondering whether I was doing the right thing.  This isn't going to be a problem if your clothes are all stored away out of sight, but it was a bit of a shock at first.  I've got round this by hanging up all of my t-shirts which would usually be folded, but it's a practical consequence of the capsule wardrobe which I hadn't factored/read about.


  1. This is such a great guide! I definitely needed to read this because I'm moving back to Uni on Saturday and I couldnt possibly fit all my clothes in my new dorm room!

    Abigail Alice x

  2. You have inspired me to clear our my wardrobe this weekend! I have so much crap in my drawers that I never wear.

    Your pink tshirts look so pretty hanging up! I love your blush coloured shoes as well - where are they from?

  3. My wardrobe is pretty small, but I think I could totally part with a few more things that I never wear but am keeping 'just incase'.


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