The Autumn Shake Up


You may have noticed that there's been a change in my perspective lately.  I was throwing old products away the other day when Nick asked me if I feel bad thinking about how much I've spent on it all just to chuck them away, largely unused.  And the answer is yes.  There was (and still is) a huge consumer in me.  A shopaholic.  A hoarder.  And I hate it.

But starting with my capsule wardrobe, there's been a slight shift.  I don't want to be that shopper anymore.  I want to appreciate what I've got.  And I only want to have what I appreciate.

I've been looking into minimalism and weighing up whether it's something that might work for me.  I know I'm not ready to go for it fully just yet, but it is something I'd like to explore.

A little like the minimalism challenge, I've come up with this Autumn Shake Up as a way of hopefully refocusing and generally blowing away the cobwebs.  I've tried to cover a range of aspects- from my environment to mindset - and will be doing one of these tasks every day throughout October.

If you fancy a bit of a shake up then I'd love for you to join me.  I wanted to allow for a little flexibility in the challenges so the idea is that, with the exception of 31 which has to be done on the 31st, you pick one at random for each day of the month and complete the activity.

If you'd like to print out the image above to tick off as you go along, or even just for reference, you can download it here.  I'd love to share thoughts and experiences as we go along, so please feel free to tweet me (@lornaliterally) and if there's enough of us I may even get a hashtag going.

Who's with me?


  1. Love this - I am definitely leaning more towards minimalism these days, I have so much "stuff" that just piles up in my tiny flat and actually makes me more anxious than happy to have it there! x

  2. I love this and I'm involved. Hashtag it!

  3. Just screenshot this! Going to head to my mailing lists now :) I think there's an app you can use to mass unsubscribe from things..
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  4. Brilliant idea!
    I'm in desperate need of being turned into a compulsive shopper/hoarder of things into a minimalist. Having a small home just doesn't work for my hoarding tendencies. I have lots of wardrobes but they are overflowing with clothes and I never have anything to wear!
    I have the Marie kondo book so I need to start decluttering.


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