The Capsule Wardrobe Experiment


A month or so ago I said this about the concept of a capsule wardrobe....and true to form I've done a 180.  Not only is a capsule wardrobe fully implemented, I've even done a spread in my bullet journal about it.  Now that's commitment.
My change of heart was for a number of reasons; most of which I touched on in that post above.  Minimalism is a concept I'd like to explore and I was beginning to feel that shopping or online browsing was absorbing too much of my time and energy, and at times just taking over.

On top of that, it's time for me to face facts and start being a grown up with my money.  I'm not earning what I'd like to be just yet, and I'd be lying if I said my finances weren't a big worry for me each month.  But I was in a vicious cycle.  I feel like once you enter the bubble of blogging, where excessive spending and new outfits each week are the norm, you lose a bit of perspective.  I'd buy new things because my favourite bloggers were wearing them, with little thought to how our budgets, bodies and lifestyles differed.  I'd like to flag up that I'd never have described myself as a big spender buying things I couldn't afford on credit, but I was always able to come up with reasons excuses to justify why I *had* to make that purchase.

Notice how I said "was in a vicious cycle".  Because although it's early days, I feel that things are looking up already.  I watch my beloved haul videos and still enjoy them, but there's now a sense of distance and I can see that that style of spending just isn't for me anymore.  Since making the decision to switch to a capsule wardrobe I only plan to buy one additional thing to make it feel *complete* (I have a backlog of new purchases from my dark days) and instead of just walking into the shops with the attitude of 'what catches my eye here....what do I like?' I'm now considering what's missing and will slot in seamlessly to help me achieve my overall style.

If you're not familiar with a capsule wardrobe, here is probably your best starting point.  Essentially I've chosen to condense it down into 45 items (including shoes, but not bags and accessories) which will keep me clothed in both work wear and off duty style from now until December.  Most people start off the season buying a few pieces they feel they're missing, but as I've mentioned, I didn't feel the need to do this on a large scale at this stage.  Underwear, gym gear and formal attire can be left out of the overall count too!

So what's my wardrobe going to look like over the next 3 months?  I should add here that I'm allowing myself to have a mid-season swap in October for items I already own.  I'm still finding my feet with more formal work wear and I don't quite know what I'll be wearing later in the year.  I'm pretty sure the flats I've had on my feet all summer aren't going to be weather appropriate, but rather than go shopping for new stuff I'll simply be swapping things over with things I already own that are stored away.  Anyway, on to the numbers!
5 coats and jackets
3 pairs of jeans
6 pairs of trousers
5 jumpers
16 tops
1 dress
1 jumpsuit
8 pairs of shoes

I'm only on day 11of my capsule wardrobe but I'm loving the challenge so far.  It's been a slow process to get me here and isn't something I'm taking on lightly.  The sheer amount of clothes I've gotten rid of is a commitment in itself!  But at the beginning of the year I wrote this post which is interesting to look back on as to how my outlook has progressed, and could also be a good starting point if you want to gently lead yourself into a more streamlined wardrobe.

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