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If you read this post you'll know that in a bid to change my spending/hoarding ways, I'm embarking on a capsule wardrobe challenge and trying to be more considered in my style choices from now on.

So when The Oracle invited Lizzie and I down to their Your 5 autumn update I was worried I'd be walking right into the jaws of temptation.  A one-to-one session being shown upcoming seasonal trends was sure to break my resolve, right?

Wrong!  Chatting to my stylist actually cemented everything I'm hoping to move towards in my new, cohesive wardrobe.  The focus here was on five key items to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your clothes; updating your style and staying on trend without going so far out of your comfort zone that you never actually wear it once you get home and cut the price tags out.  Seeing what's missing from your wardrobe and shopping mindfully to fill that gap rather than spending endlessly on whatever catches your eye.

And the five essential pieces this season?  The Coat, The Knit, The Wide Leg Trouser, The Skirt and The Ankle Boot.  I was shown the stylist-selected items from each of these categories to get a feel of what's available in stores right now.  Whilst not everything was to my taste, there was definitely something in each selection that caught my eye and it really demonstrated how styles can be twisted slightly to suit the individual yet still stay on trend.

With each category we were prompted to pick the one item we like best and at the end of the session we were given a print out of Our 5 (not what they call it, but it works!), with the shops and prices, and empowered to go forth and buy!

Not that I bought anything from my list mind....but I took away the advice about classic wardrobe updates and inspiration for what I might inject into my wardrobe when it's time to have a shake up.

Before going, I also stopped off for a beauty masterclass.  Alongside the five key fashion pieces, there were also make up artists on hand to guide you through five classic looks - The Red Lip, The Smudged Eye, The Contour and Highlight, The Winged Eyeliner and The Dark Romance.  Obviously I went for contour and can confidently say that the NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette is a great drugstore choice for chiselled cheekbones!

This is my second round of fashion consultations with the Your 5 event (I blogged about it here, how has it been a season already?!) and my first time sitting in the make up chair.  This is a collaborative post but all thoughts are, of course, my own....and I think sessions with stylists like this are a great way to be gently guided into both current and upcoming trends, whether you're experimenting with your style or haven't a clue where to start.  I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for sartorial inspiration!

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  1. I'd love to have a clean and crisp minimal wardrobe but I always end up buying stuff from Primark instead. Also. Your hair is giving me hair cut envy. xx


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