The Month: September


I feel like I've blinked and missed September.  The start of the month was the countdown to going on holiday, and the end of the month.....well, where did that go?!

September was the month I got underway with my capsule wardrobe experiment, which kicked off a quest to get things calm and clear at home.  I took on the declutter challenge, throwing away as many items of clutter as the date, and succeeded!  I think that gives an insight into just how much junk we had lying around, and while I'm not quite ready to Marie Kondo our home just yet I've definitely been rethinking my approach to homewares.  One thing I kept in mind throughout the decluttering process, and something I'll consider moving forward, is that I only want things in my home that I love or that are functional and serve a purpose.  And if they tick both boxes, hurrah!  It's baby steps towards minimalism; a way of living I'm not sure I'll ever achieve, but I've realise that my home environment really does have an impact on my mindset and functionality.

The big event in September was heading off to Menorca to celebrate my bestie's birthday.  We saw in the start of her 30s with a night out in the caves - there are no words to convey just how stunning it was.  Like, breathtaking.  Even better that we went back the next night for the sunset party and got to see it all again in the fading daylight.  The weather was perfect, the atmosphere amazing and watching the sun set on the horizon was just awe-inspiring.  I feel a bit gushy writing this, but it was an experience I'll never forget!  Definitely something to add to your bucket list.

So with more cohesive surroundings at home and the benefit of a few days relaxing in the sun, I've been feeling quite rejuvenated in September.  I've kick started my bullet journal again and have been enjoying relaxing in the evenings filling it in.  It's nice to spend time doing something creative without the distraction of my phone and the internet and has become a nice addition to my winding down evening routine.

It's also meant I've had some focused planning sessions for content on here.  I had a weekend off from my normal schedule of helping Mum with the kids and it gave me the opportunity to experiment with my camera and rediscover my love for it.  I've used my bullet journal to set myself some goals and schedule the next few months which I'm hoping will lead to more engagement with the community, and less of the feeling that I'm scrabbling around at the end of the week for ideas to write about.  Hand in hand with my bullet journal is the notebook I've taken to carrying around with me to jot down ideas as soon as they enter my head - I lose so many through just forgetting!  It's already paying off; my Autumn Shake Up was something I noted down as and when I had a brainwave and already people (myself included!) seem to be enjoying the daily challenges.  If you'd like to join in you can check out the blog post here, and don't forget to use the hashtag #autumnshakeup if you'd like to document your progress on twitter.

Another thing I'd perhaps like to restart is my YouTube channel.  It's been months since I've filmed anything; I've been noting down ideas for videos as and when they come to me and am considering giving it another go.  There was no real reason why I stopped, other than time constraints, and I think I'd like to give it a primarily bookish focus.  I've realised that I find discussing books through blog posts quite hard and much prefer having YouTube as an outlet to let the words flow naturally.  Reading is something I've become really passionate about over this year and think that comes across better through videos.  I know it's not everyone's cup of tea though, and am in two minds about having such a clear divide between content across the differing platforms.  My monthly round up of books would still exist on here, but I think I'd feature less tags and other videos on my channel and talk more books.  I like the idea of harmony across social media, but I also like that you could pick and choose between what it is you visit my online spaces for and that there'd be something different available on each.  It's all very much up in the air at the moment, so I'd welcome your thoughts and feedback!

I've also been thinking that I'd like to set myself a few tangible goals each month.  Not airy fairy ones that I forget about and don't push to actually achieve but attainable, measurable objectives that will keep me moving forward.  I'm a person who can quite comfortably stay plodding along, so whilst I'm feeling all fired up for change I'm hoping to capitalise on that and keep progressing.

So what are my goals for October?  I'd like to continue reading more widely and regularly.  I want to carve out some time each weekend to sit and blog, and I aim to have content prepared a few weeks in advance so that it stays a manageable schedule.  I'd like to use my instagram ('s private but drop me a follow request!) more and update it at least twice a week.  And I'd like to complete the Autumn Shake Up challenge and keep moving on my journey to a more minimalist environment.

So not much to do then!

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