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So there have been a few hiccups with my capsule wardrobe (which I'm going to be completely honest about in a upcoming post at the end of my first cycle) but I'm happy to say this isn't one of them!  Accessories aren't actual counted in my 45 items and mum treated me to this cosy scarf whilst we were out with the kids.  In the back of my mind I knew I wanted to add something in a vibrant orange shade to my wardrobe and for the meantime was keeping an eye out for a classic camel scarf.  So when I saw that this scarf hit both requirements I couldn't pick it up fast enough!  Add to that the fact that it's thick without being overpowering to wear, super soft and wonderfully's the perfect autumn scarf.  Check it out in situ here.

So this one's an all time favourite really, but this month I've stepped my reading up a notch.  Roadworks on the way to work make it impossible to get to work on time unless I leave excessively early so I've been using that extra time before work to get a good chunk of reading in.  It really is true that the more time you put in, the more you get out; I'm motivated to read at every opportunity and have been really enjoying the books I've picked.  I'm past my goodreads reading goal for the year and am now on a mission to clear my tbr shelves!

I mentioned before that I've been getting back into using my bullet journal again and it's definitely become a favourite.  I've been experimenting with simpler layouts and they've really taken the stress (and time!) out of setting up various spreads.  Art skills aren't my forte and too many times I'd sit down to create a layout only to make a mistake and hate using it.  With the help of some new pens I'm finding it a much more relaxing experience (my version of adult colouring, I guess!) and have started creating weekly spreads to track my time and activities.  Tracking down other bullet journallers' instagram accounts is another favourite....I spend far too much time looking for inspiration on there!

I've had this one years (now that I mention it, perhaps I need to get rid?!) but it's only now that it's become a daily staple.  I think especially more so at this time of year - its reddish tone creates that 'just in from the cold' look but with a lighter hand I've also found it to be really versatile with most looks.  A few of my MAC blushers have left me disappointed with their (lack of) pigment but this one ticks all the boxes.

I've been thinking I need to update my make up brushes for a while now, so the invitation to try out a couple from L.A.B² couldn't have come at a better time.  The Make Me Blush brush has become my go-to for blush and the Just Blending In brush is a favourite for blending out eye shadows.  I've also got On A Powder Trip and the Read My Lip brush; not only do the names amuse me but they're also really good quality and a decent price!

Speaking of instagram, I mentioned this in my last post and at the risk of sounding like a cliche, I have been working on a theme of sorts for my instagram feed and am loving the way my photos now sit much more harmoniously together.  I've been enjoying experimenting with editing features over on VSCO cam, so if you want to see the finished results be sure to follow me over at @lornaliterally!

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