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LIZZY HADFIELD (@shotfromthestreet)
Why to follow: Lizzie's feed is street style goals; a perfect blend of smart tailoring against vintage denim.  There's high end brands aplenty and it's the account I most like to vicariously curate my wardrobe through!

Why to follow: there's that tumblr-esque dark, grainy quality to Alice's photos which I absolutely love right now.  Her feed also harks back to tumblr era with photos of things inspiring Alice interspersed between fashion and beauty shots.  And can we take a minute to appreciate her amazing full fringe?!

BILLIE ROSE (@billieroseblog)
Why to follow: travel, fashion and pretty things.  Billie Rose's feed, aesthetically, is spot on for me right now!

HANNAH ALLINSON (@hannahallinson)
Why to follow: perhaps it's that amazing hair, but Hannah's feed screams autumnal perfection.  Fashion features predominantly, but there's also beauty and lifestyle pics to check out as well.

DANIELLE WARD (@littlefashbird)
Why to follow: because leopard print is pretty much my life right now and anyone who shares this love is someone I want to be following!  But on a serious note, Danielle's feed is full of fashion inspo and well worth a look.

Why to follow: because Chelsea's is another feed giving me all of the autumnal feels.  There's fashion here but it's set against a backdrop of Chelsea's everyday life rather than feeling like a traditional street style photo shoot. 

Why to follow: if you like #bookstagram then Polly's is the best account I've found.  Perfectly composed flatlays and a beautifully curated feed.  Definitely one of my favourite instagrammers I've found recently.

How about you....what is it about an instagram account that makes you hit 'follow'?


  1. thanks for recommending these! i love the colour of Hannah's hair!

    Abigail Alice x

  2. Excellent selection to add - thanks Lorna!


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