The December Bucket List


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My December Bucket List is becoming somewhat of a convention; you can check out last year's post to see what I hoped to do (and what I actually managed!) before reading on to see what's made the list for 2016.

The month of December always whizzes by (each one of my weekends is booked up already) so I like to use these lists as a means of focusing my energy and making sure I manage to do all the things that make me happy in the festive months.  A little like my Autumn Shake Up but without the emphasis of doing one thing each day.  More of an overarching inventory of things to get me in the Christmas cheer!  Some will be the same as last year (because what's Christmas without traditions?) but there's also a few new ones thrown in there for good measure....

1 // Watch a Christmas movie every weekend throughout the month.
2 // Spend the day doing Christmas crafts and activities with Ella and Dylan.
3 // Give myself a festive manicure.
4 // Decorate the house.
5 // Go out for festive drinks on the 23rd (I can't commit to the 24th and having a hangover on the big day!)
6 // Have a Lush bath on Christmas Eve before getting into my new Christmas pjs.
7 // Spend as much time as possible with family and friends.
8 // Get through my reading list.
9 // Spend the afternoon wrapping presents and listening to Christmas songs.
10 // Go for our Christmas morning walk with Dudley.
11 // Wear glitter/sequins/metallics at every opportunity.
12 // Visit some sort of Christmas, ice skating rink etc.
13 // Decorate a gingerbread house.
14 // Plan out my Christmas tv viewing.
15 // Go for late night hot chocolates in Costa with Nick.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic December. I love the idea of late night dates in Costa!



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