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I'm a mixed bag when it comes to planning.  I think my family often look to me for plans and schedules for day trips and Saturdays together, but when it comes to friends I'm more than happy to take a back seat.  When we went away last year I didn't manage to remember where it was we were actually going until a month or so beforehand, and I think the general consensus is just to tell me a time, what to bring and I'll turn up.

And when it comes to recording plans and scheduling them in I've always been quite fortunate in that I've not ever felt the need to write it all down.  Or does that just mean I've never had enough of a social life to warrant forgetting anything?

I've noticed a change recently, though.  I now find myself scrolling back through message threads to unearth the times and dates for meetings, and on more than one occasion I've thought we've had a certain thing planned  (e.g. a specific place for lunch) only to find that I've decided that in my head and it was never actually on the agenda.

So what better reason than a New Year and a snazzy new diary to kick start a new regime of organisation for the year ahead?

I bought this diary in Sainsburys (of all places!) months ago and it's been sat patiently on my desk waiting to be used.  So far it's been in my handbag all year (all 11 days of it!) and I've been scheduling in events, reminders and blog posts in advance.  I don't take it with me at weekends, due to favouring a smaller bag, but so far it's working well!  It's a fairly big diary with a day to a page, so I've been using any blank spaces for each day to scribble down notes and ideas as they come to me.  In the past I've often found myself having blogging brainwaves whilst at my desk at work so jotting these down here means I won't forget and saves me having to carry around an additional notebook/scraps of paper.  

My love for the bullet journal is ongoing and it's been a real learning curve.  There are some beautiful and creative journals out there but I've realised that just doesn't fit with my needs.  Creative doodles and borders don't come naturally to me and all too often I'd spend hours painstakingly recreating other people's embellished spreads only to make a mistake at the end and then hate returning to that page.  As I mentioned I've been exploring more minimalist spreads and once I've added a couple more pens to my supplies I think I'll be there.  In terms of what I document in my bullet journal, my most frequently used spreads are:
// month at a glance
// weekly logs
// books read during the month
// book club notes
// capsule wardrobe plans
// blog post planner
// online ordering tracker
// positivity log
If you'd like to see a more detailed post about the spreads I'm currently using in my bullet journal let me know!


  1. I would definitely have to stick to a minimalist spread in a bullet journal, I would obsess over it too! I'm hoping to be much more organised this year also.

    Abigail Alice 💕

    1. The highly decorated layouts look beautiful, but I can never hope to keep that level of neatness and creativity up!

  2. Oh love this post so much! I find these sorts of things fascinating. i'm also really interested in starting a bullet journal :)

    Rachael xx.

    1. You should! There's lots of advice/inspiration out there to help :)


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