The Month In 10 Links: January


1.  I'm late on the bandwagon, but S2 E2 of Black Mirror
3.  Baking these cookies...on two occasions!
4.  Minimalism: A documentary about the important things - another one I'm late with!
5.  The Guilty Feminist podcast
6.  Sara's thoughts on slow living
7.  Generally I've managed to avoid the sales (well, avoided keeping what I've ordered at least!) but couldn't resist buying this (non-sale) top
8.  And while we're at it, this scarf is top of my Payday Purchase list
9.  One woman's year of buying nothing.  I doubt I'd ever manage to be that dedicated, but it's certainly made me wonder how much I could save by cutting out frivolous spending
10.  What better for number 10 than the 10 x 10 Challenge? 10 days with 10 items....I'm looking forward to giving this a go in the (near) future!

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