Week 4 In Moments


Sipping prosecco in The King of Ladies Man to celebrate my bestie's birthday.  I'd never been before but it's got really retro decor making it the perfect venue for a cosy gathering.  Possibly the worst review of a place I've ever done, but trust me....it was good! 

Partying the night away afterwards with this fantastic bunch.  Despite it being poor quality, I love this photo because we all look so happy.  I'm realising that a picture doesn't have to be instagram-worthy for it to be a perfect shot.

Wearing my new backpack.  I'd never felt cool comfortable enough to wear one, but after buying a cheap one from H&M and discovering how convenient and easy they are, I wanted to invest in a slightly more stylish one.  I knew I wanted croc effect and I knew I wanted it to be fairly slimline, so when I saw this Whistles one for half price I jumped at the chance.  It is a slight extravagance and sits at the higher end of what I'm willing to spend on a handbag but it's a definite investment I'm happy to have made.
  Lusting after 99% of the stock in Zara Home.  I'm not sure how it fits with the pared down aesthetic I'm hoping to move towards, but everything in there's so pretty! Trinkets with no sentimental value are something I'm trying to get rid of from our home, but if gorgeous decor's your think then you should check Zara Home out. (Not sponsored, promise!)


  1. Love these pictures, that bag is perfect! I am loving your blog too by the way, keep up the great work.. you should be proud of it! x


  2. Adore that bag. I've never felt cool enough to wear a backpack but there's so many lovely ones around at the moment. It's very tempting to see if I could pull it off! x



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