10 Last Minute Valentine's Day Treats


So you forgot Valentine's/didn't realise until too late that your other half was participating/took a staunch approach not to take part but feel pressured into it by social media? Wondering why this post is going up just before the big day?  Don't worry, there's a method to my madness.

I said it already, but Nick and I tend to avoid Valentine's and instead celebrate with some sort of belated joint experience.  This year, however, we're bucking our own trend and actually going out for a meal together.  There won't be any lavish gifts, and that's exactly what this post is about.  Sweets for your sweet....and at the very last minute.

Something Sweet...

Nutella and strawberry stuffed French Toast - the perfect breakfast....you may want to save this one for the weekend.

White chocolate Oreo truffles - Oreos AND white chocolate?  I'm sold.  Besides the setting time these look ridiculously quick to make.

Chocolate hazelnut sandwiches - fancier than the name would suggest, these are similar to the first offering but minus the strawberries and made with brioche.

Nutella brownies - are you spotting a theme here?  Nutella was made for Valentine's.  Plus the addition of Ferrero Rocher is real fancy.

Savoury Treats...

Cheese fondue - because nothing says "I love you" like sharing food.  And well....cheese.

Heart pizzas - so this one's *kinda* marketed as being a kid-friendly recipe, but it's pizza in the shape of a heart.  Which means it definitely works for Valentine's.  And who doesn't love pizza?!

Baked Camembert with garlic bread - perhaps one to avoid if you plan on smooching after dinner.  Or just switch the garlic bread for an artisan variety.

Halloumi fries - again with the cheese!  I can't wait to give this recipe a try.

And if none of these float your boat you could always go for the ultimate last minute DIY gift....love tokens.

OTT displays of affection on Valentine's Day....yay or nay?   

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