5 Of My Favourite Podcasts


I'm not sure when it happened, but I've stopped listening to music.  Pretty much at all.  With the exception of the gym, any moments when I would usually have had music on in the background (and some when I would've been watching YouTube!) now have podcasts as the backing track.

Why didn't anybody tell me this sooner?!

I don't watch a lot of television and my workplace doesn't really provide the chance to share ideas, so beyond books, blogs and YouTube there aren't really many means by which I am exposed to new concepts.  Sounds pitiful when I put it like that.

So with the introduction of podcasts I feel like I'm learning new things, absorbing fresh information and seeing different perspectives.  And of the list below, not only do they provide entertainment in that moment but a lot of them have also given me cause for consideration alongside things to work on in my day to day life.

Download and listen up.

The Guilty Feminist //  This was the one that founded my love for podcasts.  Deborah Francis White and (more often than not) Sofie Hagen plus a special guest each week discuss 21st century feminist issues while confessing their undermining hypocrisies and insecurities.  I'm not joking, I drive along nodding my head in agreement to 99% of this and have (on more than one occasion) chimed in with a resounding "YES!" Everyone must listen to this.

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes // On the whole I find it easier to consume podcasts by English presenters (I think it's something to do with the tone of voice) but Greg Clunis' self-help podcast is the exception.  Each episode is pretty short, with well-researched bite-size information and activities to take away and work on.  I've only listened to a couple so far but this feels very of the moment and I'm sure is something that can help me throughout 2017.

Made of Human // Another podcast by Sofie Hagen, owner of *the* most soothing voice.  By her own admission Sofie's been in therapy for years, so on this show she invites guests on to share with her their social issues and anxieties and how they function as humans.  So far my favourite episode has been this one with Josie Long.

Get It On // Presented my Dawn O'Porter, in this podcast she invites celebrity guests to talk about clothes and the fashion choices they make.  It digs deeper than the basic "I love leopard print" (who doesn't?) and really gets into why people rock the style that they do and what it's saying about them.  I'm really liking this, although the only downside is mid-episode ads.

Hashtag Authentic - for Instagram, Blogging and beyond // This is a very new podcast (only a few episodes so far!) but I think Sara Tasker's nailed it.  I've listened to my fair share of duds in my quest for new information but this is spot on.  Sara blogs at me and orla and the focus in this podcast is growing your audience organically, finding your style and creating an online presence without losing authenticity. 

Do you podcast?

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