The Month In 10 Links: February


1. Jenny's YouTube channel.  Specifically The Mustards' videos where they chat to us (and each other!) over breakfast.
2.  The Crown
3.  Sweet omelettes - mind.  blown.
4.  Whitney Simmons' channel for gym inspiration and focus.
5.  Speaking of fitness, why is it that buying gym clothes feels guilt-free?  Treated myself to these beauts.
6.  Dark florals and embroidery are on my style radar at the moment.  This dress could be a winner.
7. having a UK comedy series to get into again!
8.  Lisa Dawson's instagram and interiors blog are #homegoals.  It's not really our style or something I could ever see in our house, but that hasn't stopped me losing quite a lot of time scrolling through her feed!
9. Madeleine Olivia's Minimalism Series is motivating me do to more with less.
10.  These energy balls.  Making these was my first dalliance with this style of food (as opposed to baking) and they turned out ok!  Check out Monday's post for more detailed thoughts.

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